Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here's a bit of Irony...

Well here's a switch for ya! Anna Banana--the one who causes 99.9% of all messes, disasters, and/or fights at our house--was filled with compassion at the sight of her grandpa's "booboo" from hitting his head on a shelf. She immediately whipped out the tissues, wet them, and applied them to his head (as shown below). If you're ever in trouble and can't find a doctor, Dr. Anna is ready. (I--Erika--am ready for her to be ready to help you. *kidding*)
The finished product:
Good ol' Poppie; he's a trooper. I don't know how well I'd let a little autistic 4 year old that close to my eye with wet tissues then walk outside and go home with it on... :)

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