Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1. Emma is home sick today.
2. Jakey got sick after he woke up.
3. Anna's lab results came back - not great news.
4. I have a huge day tomorrow full of rehearsals and driving all over to get to those rehearsals.
5. I am supposed to be packing and cleaning.
6. Joseph got his braces tightened and is not happy about it. (can you blame him)
7. End of the school year so Erika is gone alot!
8. Eric is still working on getting our new house.
9. Eric is still looking for a job.
10. I am still trying to teach piano while our house is a mess from packing and my kids are sick and I don't want to spread germs to the students.
11. Playing the musical Sweeney Todd this summer and it is the hardest music I have ever had to learn. (when do I have time to practice???)
12. Trying to find babysitters for sick kids. (ha ha not as easy as it sounds)
13. Playing for a show on Thursday at the Herberger Theater.
14. Sleep??????

I know that I am extremely blessed and I do count my blessings. I just think that my Heavenly Father must love me alot to send all of these "experiences" at once.


Rani said...

Craziness. Pure. Craziness. Good luck with ALL that!!

Kim Sandling said...

Please let me help you if I can. Anything, big or small. kim at sandling dot org

Hiatt Family said...

Ugh, I am so sorry! I hope things get easier soon!

jen said...

Sweeney Todd. Are you crazy? Hope you can find that medicine.

Sara Crandall said...

Wow good luck Jenn! What was Anna's test results?

Carroll Family said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I hope everything calms down!!! I'm so excited about the house - Lafe told me which one it is and it would be great for you guys!!!