Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Joseph--man of little casts

Joseseph, as you probably know, has clubbed feet so he has to wear casts. These are some pictures of his legs and how they've changed over his few weeks of life. :)
(Sorry about the content of some pictures, these are rated PG-11. Viewer discretion is advised. :) sorry brudda.)
First born: REALLY crooked.
First set of casts- January 12th. ^
Second set of casts: January 19th

After his second casts were taken off. (see the improvement?!?! if not, refer to the first picture. if still no, get your eyes checked. you obviously need it. :) jk, love ya! [awkward...])


Rani said...

Amazing! I just want to love and pet those little toes! So sweet! Joseph looks so much like Anna did in these pics. Love those little boys! Thanks for posting a bunch of pics since I'm missing out BIG TIME!

Matthews Family said...

That is great. His feet are doing so good. It is great that they can start that kind of stuff so early now so hopefully it won't be so hard when starts to walk

Eva said...

Wow! That's amazing. Those babies and their rubber bones.

Dana said...

Hey there.....we lived the cast thing at our house too. The twins were both cast the day they were born. They changed their casts two times a week for the first year of their life...unless they wriggled out of them, then it was MORE often. After a year, we did some major surgeries, MORE casts, more surgeries, etc. etc. etc. You get the picture. Today we lovingly refer to their club foot as their "little foot". And although they look a little different, they are totally 100% capable of anything and everything. Priesthood blessings, prayer, good Dr.s and a few is good. BTW... Joseph is sooo stinking cute!